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Toddler Flash Cards |Alphabet, Numbers, Colors & Shapes

Toddler Flash Cards |Alphabet, Numbers, Colors & Shapes

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Flash card are the go to items to help toddlers engage their active recall,  strengthens memorization, improve self-confidence, develop good and effective communication, and enhance creativity.
These flash cards are definitely a great beginner tool to begin recognizing letters, building vocabulary and developing early reading skills.
The cards are small and portable, 4.2" tall and 2.4" wide  and weight is 3.7 oz. Will fit anywhere when on the go. 

The set includes 58 colorful flash cards, goes over the first concept topic: 
  • The ABC’s
  • Numbers 1 to 10
  • Basic shapes
  • Basic colors

These cards are great for learning and having fun, these cards are perfect for children.

Will make a great gift for other mothers and teachers. 
These cards are durable and  great for repeated use and can withstand rough handling. 


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