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Early Bird Days

Wooden Spelling & Letter Recognition Toy

Wooden Spelling & Letter Recognition Toy

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Never too early to prep your child for preschool, this item is for 3+ age . This item is an amazing Early Education Puzzle Letter and word recognition toy. For earlier ages you may use this item but under supervision. Fun ways to describe this item is the Spinning Alphabet Learning Toy for Preschoolers. It is shaped like a deer, your child will love it!

This item will help the little one learn 3 letter sight words with flash cards, matching and memory skills and teach basic reading skills. It's a great way to stimulate children's brainpower, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and memory with the help of images on flash card.

What's included:

  •  Wood tray
  •  5 Handheld Sets of Rotating Blocks with 3-letter word movable blocks.
  •  Along with 40pcs sight words flash card 
  •  Toddler learning cards with colors companied by illustrations to attract children's attention

Items dimensions 3.14L X5.5 W X 5.5H inches

Rotating blocks 1.18L X 5W X1.18 H inches

Tips on how to use:

  • Start with a small pile of cards, ideally less than five. 40 cards at once is too many. For a week, use those 5 cards and the next week change them.
  • One person can choose the card, and the other can find the letter by using the rotating squares.
  • Play every day or other day. Make learning fun. It could be a new routine for you at night.

Other ideas:

  • This item will make a great gift for all kids and for teachers.
  • Great gift for mom friends to help them with their kids.
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