About Us

It ALL started when two friends who found themselves in the midst of motherhood 🙂 talked all the time about motherhood, challenges,  busy life. one day they talked about their desire to blog and start a little shop with products that all moms should have that will help them in this motherhood journey. Their conversations naturally revolved around the joys and challenges of motherhood. From sleepless nights to teething troubles, from juggling work and home life to the never-ending search for baby products  

Our Mom products were selected out of the desire to help mom feel and look beautiful without breaking the bank.

Our Children's products are selected based on experience and what has helped us in our journey with children and other mom friends. The products are not only practical but also affordable.

Our blogs are based on real stories from real mothers! Motherhood should be a wonderful and joyful experience, and every mom deserves to feel beautiful and supported on this incredible journey.