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Which Prenatal Supplements to Choose From?

Your mommy duties have officially started, and you need to choose which prenatal supplements to choose from. If you have not gone to the drugstore yet, brace yourself because there is a complete aisle full of supplements. You are most likely freaking out which one to buy because this choice affects the both of you. After staring and reading all the labels, you realize that you have been there for an hour, and you are not any closer in making a decision. Naturally, you leave and put the decision making off for another day.

 After you have composed yourself, you realize that you should get some advice, so you ask around which ones are the best. Prepare yourself to receive many contradicting advice and it will ultimately leave you even more confused on what to take.

different prenatal vitamin supplement choices

DON'T FEEL DEFEATED! THIS IS NORMAL. Many people will have different opinions on what to take and what not take. Remember every pregnancy is different, this is why there is no clear right answer. So, let’s list the pros and cons together to hopefully make the decision easier.

  1. One A Day Prenatal Women’s Prenatal- These are supplements that many women have taken because they are accessible in both drugstores and online stores. This is a reputable company that has been in business for years. The biggest pro about this supplement is that it has folic acid. As you may or may not know yet, folic acid helps form the neural tube, which can prevent birth defects.
  2. Mommy Bliss Prenatal- This is another trusted company that has various products that many mom's love and trust. If you look at the supplement facts, they have everything you need as far folic acid, b vitamins, zinc and the list goes on. The only downside is that this product isn't as accessible as One A Day. However, if you happen to find it, then this is a strong recommendation.
  3. Ritual Prenatal Vitamin- This is one of of the newer prenatal vitamins in the market. If you look at the ingredient list, it is vegan friendly. It does not have GMO. It is gentler in the stomach for a more enjoyable experience. This is a good option if you are getting morning sickness after taking One A Day.
  4. Nature Made Prenatal Multivitamin- This is a strong recommendation to mom's that are forgetful. This bottle is a 250 count, which will have you covered for roughly 6 months. It has all the vitamins that you need. This easily accessible at your local drugstore or online store.

Ultimately, just as long as you take any prenatal vitamins then you are in good shape. Just make sure to read the labels to know how many to take a day. Ideally choose one that has folic acid and remember to take them daily.

This may or may not have been an easy choice, but this will prepare you for the endless choices that are up ahead. Either way, you did a great job.


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