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Toddler Potty Training Books

For parents and toddlers, Potty Training can be a bit overwhelming. Reading an exciting book on Potty Training with Toddlers is a great way to break the ice, to add excitement, laughter, instruction, and inspiration to the Potty Training process. 

Below are a couple of suggested potty training books you can try.  You'll find a good book, don't worry. You can even incorporate the book selection with the little ones, let them choose the book. 

Also, these books may as well help you find tips to use during potty training, as you read them.Once the little one is reacting to the book you know you have the right book.


Potty by  Leslie Patricelli- this book is  a must have for all parents, love the enthusiasm of this book and questioning if to go to the potty or not and how using the potty is a waiting process. Animated funny images and minimal wording, gives you enough time to re-enact and let the little one absorb the images.


Poopasaurus- this book is delightful for the dino lovers, following the journey of a little dinosaur getting ready to leave the diapers, but also teaches patience in the process.


PottysaurusGreat book for the toddler that loves dinosaurs, uses a character they love to start the process. The rhymes are very cute, and goes through understanding accidents happen to good hygiene.


Potty Super Hero -This book has many variations for girls and boys. If they know about superheroes, they would love this book. It's great to encourage the toddler to remove that diaper to become  a superhero.

Let's Go to the Potty! Great book to support and encourage potty training.  And I LOVE that this book offers really cute potty songs you can teach your little one to follow along.

Big Girl PANTIESvery adorable enthusiastic book for the little girls, encouraged to ditch the diaper for the panties.


REMEMBER Potty training can either be a short or a long journey, easy or not easy. But you will get there.


ADVICE: you don't have to read the whole book the first day. If the little one is not interested in the book, don't force it, try again later. We want the little one to get involved and really understand what this book is all about.

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