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 To prepare us for motherhood, we're always looking for good books and blogs to read. Below are a good list of books to read, these offer great topics, suggestions, ideas to absorb and apply on how to tackle pregnancy and post pregnancy.

Before Baby Books

What to Expect When You're Expecting -  It's the go to book for all pregnancies from day one to week 40. Everything that happens to you during pregnancy and with the baby's development is covered in this book. This is a comprehensive book on every topic dealing with pregnancy, everything about food, what you're going through, what your baby goes through and how to deal with certain symptoms.
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The Pregnancy Countdown Book-   From the beginning to the end, this is a great book.  If you don't like reading alot of pages, this book offers one page a day. Easy to read, very real, direct and modern. Offers useful facts and short stories about pregnancy, and it's arranged as a countdown, so you can read them as you experience them. Helps with the days and weeks to go by faster.

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The Happiest Baby on the Block- this book is very valuable and teaches and reassures parents on how to calm baby down and how to continue to keep them happy. The key to this book is helping a baby go from crying to calm. Goes through the 5 S's in comforting the baby, Swaddling, Side (Stomach), Shhhh, Swinging and Sucking. As a new mom you want to have all the option on how to be prepared on calming a baby, especially when going through the 4th trimester.

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The wonder weeks-   This is a good read to comprehend your child's developmental milestones. Walks you through the major learning and developmental milestones a child has from birth to toddlerhood. The baby can't talk yet, it's a good book for finding out what is potentially going to happen.

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Sleep Training

Twelve Hours' by Twelve Weeks Old -  It is highly recommended that you read this before the birth of your baby, and keep it as a source when you're ready to sleep train. Allows for creating a plan, and thus helping with gradually eliminating the night awakenings and feeding. "The Limited Crying Solution" will help every baby sleep for the entire night, presented by Suzy Giordano. Everyone needs to get some sleep, so we can have enough energy for the baby. This book is a great resource.

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Work. Pump. Repeat by Jessica Shortall. It’s a must read for all working mom. Has great humorous encouragement for breastfeeding moms. Helps all the working moms survive pumping in the working world. Also, after reading this book, it will give you a good perspective on how to solve common pumping issues at work.

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I strongly recommend setting up a new home for these books after you've finished reading, and sharing the information with mothers that are expecting.


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