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Return of the Period

We all have heard of “The Glow” as one of the perks of being pregnant. And trust me, your skin, and hair will look fabulous for these months. One other perk no one talks about is not having your period. Not stressing to mark your calendar, so you don’t have any accidents. Not forgetting to buy your monthly stash. It is a glorious feeling not having to worry about this each month.

Once you have your baby, it is chaos for the next few months. There is so much to get used to and you will most likely be sleep deprived. If you are exclusively breastfeeding, then you will not have any free time soon. The upside to breastfeeding is that it prolongs your period, so that is one less thing to worry about at first.

A purse is opened and shows a hair clip, pads and tampons.

All good things eventually come to an end. Your period will return and bring back even more chaos. Most women report that their periods usually come back after six weeks to a year of having their child. If you are a person who likes to plan things, then that range will drive you nuts. When your period finally returns, it comes with a vengeance. 

Everyone's experience will be different. But most likely, your period will last longer than usual, and you will have a heavier flow than normal. It might be a good idea to prepare yourself when it does come back. You might also consider changing what you use because your needs will change.

If you like to stick to what you know and you cannot be bothered with change, then pads are going to be a good fit. Ideally, you choose the ones with wings because you might have an accident. Again, I cannot stress enough that your flow will be heavier, and you will most likely need to change this more frequently than you are used to. Pads absorb 10 to 15 milliliters of fluid. On your heaviest days, you might need to change your pad on an hourly basis.

Tampons can be a step up from pads because they are not as bulky and more discreet. Sadly, even a Super Plus tampon only absorbs  10 to 15 milliliters of fluid. In reality, you will be changing your tampon just as frequently as someone who uses pads.

Luckily there are more progressive things you can use. A menstrual cup is a step up from a traditional pad or tampon. When shopping for your first menstrual cup, you will notice that there are two sizes. Always choose the bigger size or the one that indicates "After Birth". These menstrual cups usually absorb 25 to 50 millimeters of fluid. This easily gives you more time to go about your day. As a new mom, getting back to your normal routine as much as possible without interruptions is what we seek.

If you decide to try a menstrual cup, then read the instructions first or watch a tutorial. There is a learning curve and you will most likely not insert correctly the first time. The best method for beginners is to place your leg on the toilet, squeeze the menstrual cup like a taco, and insert it yourself. Once you master this, you just have to learn how much time you have before your cup fills up.

No one likes periods, especially after having children. But, we have more items to manage. Luckily we have a community of experienced moms that give guidance to new moms. Again, every journey is different, but we hope this gives you a little more guidance and prepares you on what to expect.


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