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Postpartum Hair loss

You just had a baby, you're tired and your body is recovering and then postpartum hair loss happens. It's going to happen, and yes, it's going to be depressing and stressful, as more and more hair falls out, it's going to take weeks or months. No one wants it but it happens, it can affect your emotions in different ways, sometimes you're so busy that it doesn't affect you or you can be very sensitive. I've never heard of anyone who didn't go through it after giving birth.

We’ve all searched online why this happens and we all get the same results which is: When you're pregnant, your hormone levels are higher than usual, like estrogen. Your hair grows faster and stronger than usual as a result of the increase in hormones. Gives you that pregnancy GLOW! But your hormone levels fall back to normal after childbirth. These hormone changes will cause your hair to fall out, everyone is different so the hair loss can be minor to excessive. But your hair will eventually grow back, it takes time.

Stress plays a big part in this too, after giving birth you are physically, emotionally and mentally drained. In terms of physical condition, you're exhausted, nursing the baby. Lacking sleep and making sure the baby is fine and your body is recovering after pushing that little miracle out, is definitely stressful. Mentally, your mind is all over the place they tell you to relax but you're overthinking and trying to figure out how to get up and do something. You have emotions all over your body, happiness and sadness. And you're a mess. It's stressful.

To help with postmenstrual hair loss, here are a few tips. 

  • Take your postpartum pills- talk to a doctor if they prefer prenatal or postpartum.
  • Here are additional supplements to support your hair which should be discussed with your doctor first, particularly if you are breastfeeding. The below are all great options, there are more out there talk to your doctor whichever fits your needs, you feel comfortable with and it's also part of your pricing range. All are great options:
    1. Baby Blues Hair Vitamins- these are amazingly tailored toward postpartum hair loss. They have amazing taste, you will love. They contain biotin, collagen, vitamin C and more.
    2. Nature's bounty biotin gummies -  you need that extra biotin for your hair after giving birth. I recommend these for all women to take on a daily base. 
    3. Nutrafol Postpartum Hair Growth Supplement - this option supports postpartum hair growth. Tailored to support signs of hair thinning and shedding.
    • Don't pull your hair back, it's already falling off, and it can cause more hair to fall off. This also causes the front hairline to thin. I'd advise you to use a scrunchie or a hair band , something soft for the hair and will not pull your hair.
    scrunchies to help with postpartum hair loss
    • Once hair is growing back I recommend a hair band, some people will see small patches of hair growth and tiny regrowth hair will just stick outward. If you've got curly hair, all the small curls stick out, and a hair band will keep your hair in place until it's fully grown back.
    • Brush your hair lightly.
    • No hair straightening.
    • Try not to wash hair often, when you are in the shower you will see more hair coming off and it's stressful and may clog your drain.
    • Wash your hair with a very gentle shampoo, something for the sensitive scalp.
    • Take a deep breath and go for a walk - it's part of postpartum and your hair will grow back.
    • Get a mani and pedi, you deserve some time to relax.

    Please seek help from family, friend or doctor if you experience too much stress. But keep in mind, this is only temporary and you'll get your beautiful hair back in no time. Until next time, stay strong and beautiful mommies.


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