Let's Talk Potty Training Early Bird Days

Let's Talk Potty Training

How to prepare, what to buy, and what to read before starting potty training. Let's start by recognizing that every child is unique. There are children that stop wearing diapers at age 1 or age 5+. There are those who pee the bed and those who don't. Some may learn the procedure in a single day, while others will need a year or more. Mom, don't worry, they're going to get to the Potty Training Stage. Take your time and be gentle with the child; be patient, don't stress it and don't stress the child too. Potty training is not a one size fits all method; depending on your child, you may need to combine a number of Potty Training techniques to meet your child's needs. You're the best at knowing your little one, and you know what they need.

You’ve probably gone through so many blogs, talked to the pediatrician seeking help from experts, followed Instagram stories, and that's fine you have a good knowledge of potty training now. Below are some suggestions, remember not all will fit every child. Be here's our help.

Open door policy: start your child early to get used to going to the bathroom, and to understand what the bathroom is all about. You can start when your little one is around 6 months old. Babies are fascinated by everything and some even like flushing the toilet over and over again. That's okay, let the baby flush the toilet all they want, that will deter them from being frightened by the sound of the toilet flushing. Before you get started with your training, make sure they're comfortable in the bathroom and toilet. Let's be honest ,Mom, we're not getting private bathroom time for a while so the open door policy is just part of the new mom's life.

baby potty training

Introduce Potty training early, above I mention 6 months that may be too early for some but give it a try. I like to introduce potty training by the age of one. They are walking and following you around, copying what you do.  So, if you go to the restroom they will want to go to, next thing you'll notice the little one mimicking you using the restroom. Getting comfortable in the bathroom is a good starting point! Also, the constant use of conversations about using a toilet helps raise awareness and makes your little one comfortable with this idea before they are ready to be potty trained.

Find a good Potty book to read to them every day or every week. I'd suggest the book Potty to you. Great book not a lot of words and has a lot of good visuals for the little one, easy for them to follow. While reading this book, I suggest you use props, the potty, and I'd suggest you use a simple version, see suggested list below. While you read the book, reenact the book, using the Potty as a prop, preparing your acting skills, because we want the little one to enjoy and to follow along, having them smile and laugh while you're reading. As for the simple potty I've suggested, I have a reason for this kind of potty. If you've got a toilet with music, they're going to be distracted, they're not going to focus, if you've got a toilet with a lid, they're going to want to play with it, open and close it. Keep it simple for them to concentrate.

Simple Training Potties suggestions:

1st  Potty

2nd Potty 

A potty video, if you need more visual for the little one to use the potty, you can show them a video. Super jojo has a good video with singing that the little one would enjoy, while viewing the video put the potty next to them and see if they reenact, or mommy you will need to lead the way to reenact the video with them.

Try a Morning routine, routines  are essential and must be followed in order for the little one to stick to the routine. it becomes a habit, and they have a good understanding of what you are training them for. If the little ones wake up dry in the morning, sit them in the potty immediately so they can pee first thing in the morning. To sit patiently on the toilet, you can offer a toy or a book.

Working moms and potty training, daily potty-training routine while you work may not be possible, you can try with the caregiver, but don't stress. Mommies, we understand you have to work and don't feel guilty that you can't start potty training.  Don't worry, you can dedicate your training on your days off for example if you have Saturday and Sunday off. Start with morning training. You'll get to a full day's training gradually. Keep it simple and stress free, morning training is more than enough for the beginning, don't overdo it all day. The little one needs their time to play and mom we know you need to run errands. Also, we don't want them to hate the training, it's important for them to be motivated and happy while they being trained.

Full day Potty training, if you feel that the little one is ready and so do you, I suggest you try three full days of potty training. Remove the diaper's and have plenty of underwater ready in case of accidents. If the training goes well, I suggest removing all the diapers from your home, to avoid the little one seeing a diaper. We want to avoid regressions. During the full day of training, you will need a lot of liquids, and constantly ask the little one if they need to use the potty. Place the potty next to your little ones, at all times. Mom, when they're drinking, look out for how long it takes them to go into the bathroom. So, every time they finish that juice or water you know you may have a window of 30 to 40 minutes until they go. It's going to be a long day, but you're going to know so much about that little one and what techniques work and how to make your training better. Read them the book during training or let them watch a potty video.

IMPORTANT. You should know that accidents are part of training, so do not punish your child for wetting or touching their trousers; they learn and can't help it. And if your child is successfully using the toilet, give encouragement and polite praise.

Note: Mother knows her children the best and knows when they are ready. Don't pressure the baby, it's going to happen. Mom, if you feel like your child is not ready, then they are not ready.

AGAIN, these are some suggestions and there are many more blogs out there but always remember that your little one is unique and not all the methods will work for them. Also not all mommy can train the little one early, due to many personal factors. If there is any advice or other method leave a comment so more moms can read and try to incorporate it into their training.


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