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Diaper Bag When on the GO!

Time to take the baby on outings and you feel like you need to pack half of the baby's belongings to make sure you have everything. So, you try to squeeze everything into the bag and that's fine but always make sure to carry the essentials. Mom, we've got to be ready for anything in an orderly fashion. Mom, we need to be ready for surprises.  You're out, and your child starts to get a fever due to ongoing infections or teething. The baby's got a hangnail or a sudden dry or runny nose. The sun is too bright, or the wind is starting to blow like a hurricane.  Or the baby's been in the car too long, and the wet diaper causes a rash. Let's pack the basics and be ready to go in case anything happens.

  • Pain reliever/fever-reducing medicine. Some of the most popular ones are Tylenol or Motrin always consult with a doctor and read the ingredients.
  • Travel-size lotion, there's no need to carry one so heavy.
  • Pacifier- helps baby soothe while on the go.
  • Diaper rash cream 
  • Diapers and wipes
  • Extra baby bottle - in case the baby throws it out of the stroller.
  • Socks- babies love to take off their socks and throw them out, without us noticing.
  • Light clothing for blowouts.
  • Diaper changing pad- public areas are dirty so carry two at least.
  • 1 or 2 toys -in case they drop one.
  • Baby formula or breast milk - always a must.
  • Saline spray for the baby's nose, helps with pesky nose boogers baby can't get out. There are many options and brands, always check the ingredients, Mommy bliss carries a great Soothing saline 
  • Disposal bags for those soiled diapers. A portable bag dispenser is pretty awesome to have.
  • Hand sanitizer- small one with a good seal, don’t want the baby to accidentally open it.
  • Lip balm -for all seasons.

Mom walking with toddler at park

For the Spring and Summer diaper bag add-ons. A bright sunny day is bad for the skin, let's protect that baby's skin. Insects and mosquitos are out and they're looking to bite, so be ready.

  • Sunscreen - so many to choose from like Coppertone  or a brush version BOB Kids, these versions are great options but always check ingredients or if there are any recalls. Side NOTE, Mommy take care of your skin as well and add your sunscreen too, something easy to carry like the brush version, like Mineral Powder Sunscreen Brush. Also, it is recommended that you do not use sunblock on children less than six months old, please check the product label and baby's doctor before applying it to a child.
  • Insect repellent-  Going out or going to a park, you can't keep away from insects. Pesky bites can happen anytime, lets' try our best to repel these insects and YAYA Organics is a great insect repellent.
  • After bite ointment-  One annoying bug always comes to get you, let's help the little one deal with that bite.
  • Light blanket for the weather
  • Fisherman hat for baby, to protect their face and the back of their neck.

Fall and Winter diaper bag add-ons.

  • Hat and gloves - it’s cold, cover those little heads and hands.
  • Warm blanket 

NOW how to organize all these items into your bag, see-through organizer bags, plastic or mesh version whichever you prefer, Keep them in these bags to ensure that they don't get scattered across the diaper bag, we want to avoid panic when trying to find things.  You're also free to choose a diaper bag with several pockets and build your own system for what each pocket is going to carry.

Last TIP:  In the case of an emergency first aid kit, diapers or blankets, be sure to have them with you in your car.


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