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Back to Work with a Pump

Most new moms dread the idea of going back to work. You have been in maternity leave for the past few months and have gotten your rhythm down on how to do things AT HOME. Unless you are a natural at this, we all know that pumping can be a challenge even when you have home-court advantage. As new moms we just have to embrace the lemons thrown at us and make lemonade out of the situation.

First things first, before you go back to work, check with HR about your lactation room. A better name to refer to this room is the Mothers Room.

  • Ask to confirm if there's a designated room that's secure, with locks, so no one will walk in on you.
  • Confirm there's fridge to store your milk. 
  • A large Note to add at the door, not to disturb. 
  • Plug to plug in pump. 
  • Chair
  • Also, Confirm your lactation schedule with your boss or HR, be firm, pumping sessions are very important. You don't have to do this but it's best to do so in case you're not at your desk. They know where you are at or they know not to schedule any meetings during your lactation time.

 Lactation room. Mother's room.

    Pumping at work can be awkward especially for first time moms. You feel like all eyes are on you because you’re back and you haven’t lost the baby weight yet. When HR finally shows you the lactation room, you discover your new oasis. The first days, you’re scared someone will walk in, even when you know the door is locked. You may even feel self-conscious that everyone can hear you pump. This uncomfortable awkward feeling eventually goes away. Let’s embrace this wonderful experience. There are so many benefits to pumping at work.

    Here are some positives on pumping at work: 

    1. You can call it ‘Me time”- you’re in a room by yourself, so just make it relaxing.
    2. It gives you a break from your work area, distress.
    3. You can check-in with the caregiver 
    4. Catch up on your Netflix.
    5. Catch up on your reading. 
    6. Catch up on your sleep- make sure to set a timer. 
    7. Go through your list of items that need to be done after work. 
    8. Time for social media
    9. Shop online!

    Some employers offer returning moms a private room, tv, mini fridge, small sink , shelves to store  items  and an amazing comfortable reclining chair. I strongly believe every company needs to offer this to all moms coming back from maternity leave. Not all company’s are the same but as long as you get a private room with locks and a fridge, you’ll be fine.

    Now that you're back to work, carrying all your items will become a task in itself. There will be times when you might forget an item or two. Let's try to avoid that, here are some recommendations if you ever forget something.

    If you have a secure room where you feel comfortable in leaving your personal belongings, then you might consider leaving the items listed below. Not having to remember to pack all these items can make your mornings much easier and less of hassle to carry.

    At work you can leave:

    1. A pump, consider having 1 at home and 1 at work.
    2. Breast pump bags
    3. Pump accessories
    4. Ice packs 
    5. Nursing pads
    6. Snack and water for yourself - your body will need it after each pump.
    7. Drying rack if it's not offered.
    8. Hands free pumping bra.
    9. Bottle cleaner
    10. Soap to clean your items after pumping.

    If you cannot leave the above items at work or just don’t feel comfortable doing it, I suggest a Rolling Cart. Here's a list of items that you probably may have to carry every day. This is the reason I suggest using a rolling cart.

    1. Purse
    2. Lunch bag
    3. Pump bag includes pump and accessories. 
    4. Water 
    5. Snacks
    6. Insulated bag to carry milk with ice pack inside.
    7. Coffee

    The above are just too much to carry and you still have to open your own door.

    Last recommendation when pumping at work, wear clothes that are practical for pumping. Don’t wear a dress where you have to lift it all the way up. Also, don’t wear tight shirt where your breast will start feeling uncomfortable because your breasts are engorged. These clothes are NOT practical! I suggest shirts that won't wrinkle too much, loose shirts in case you have a leak, it won’t be so noticeable.

    Side NOTE: Carry an Emergency manual pump- I suggest to have one just in case there’s a power outage or your pump doesn’t work. Keep these extra items in your car.

    Remember the first few days back at work are always the hardest. You will eventually get back in the groove of things and become a pro. Until next time, stay beautiful new moms.


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